Friends .. every single day we’re face with making choice after choice .. haha .. and yes .. we need to realize the impact and power that every single one of these choices has over us .. for the truth is .. a simple choice can take us north .. haha .. or yes .. totally south .. so .. if we’re to use this great gift of choice that God has so graciously given us wisely .. then yes .. all the decisions that we make must allow wisdom to come from within .. and yes .. haha .. it all begins with humility and the simple.. acknowledgment that apart from Him .. haha .. we simply don’t know what to do .. for yes .. at each and every turn .. with each and every choice that comes before us .. we must be willing to act upon this light that shines from within .. and yes .. rest quietly while that light shines .. for it’s then .. we’ll find the right choice clearly revealed .. and yes .. we can take action while moving forward .. for now we’ve discovered that a wise choice is in fact an expression of an inner wisdom .. and yes .. that inner wisdom comes from love Himself .. and yes yes yes .. always and forever .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
” The heart of man plans his way .. but the Lord establishes his steps”

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