Palm Sunday .. the day Jesus made the tremendous statement that He is the Chosen One .. the King of Kings .. the sovereign ruler over all the Universe .. haha .. the worshipers that day had no idea the extent of this.. and no .. maybe today we don’t either .. for the Sanhedrin didn’t believe it .. and .. the Romans .. they plain  just didn’t care .. but yet .. it was the day that He Himself accepted the Kingship of heaven .. even knowing in His heart what the week ahead would bring .. think about it .. He entered Jerusalem riding a donkey in the name of a peaceful and sovereign God .. people were worshiping Him with excited and grateful hearts .. they welcomed Him out of their desire for a deliverer .. someone who would lead them in a revolt against Rome .. haha .. but no .. that didn’t happen .. and yes .. when He failed their expectations and refused to go on this fiery revolt that they so longed for  .. they turned on Him .. oh yes .. it was a glorious day yet within short order .. complete human rejection moved in .. for now .. His crucifixion was calling .. and yes .. His suffering awaited .. just thinking about what He was about to face makes a heart ache .. His very own Father would forsake Him .. and yes .. even knowing this .. He still rode into Jerusalem peacefully on that donkey with each of us in mind .. He rode through the shouts of praise .. He accepting the anointing of Kingship .. and yes .. He withstood the most grueling of human torture .. sad but true .. oh but friends .. the story of His triumphant entry is one of variation .. and yes .. those variations contain pertinent direction for us as Believers today .. it’s a simple yet mighty story of the King who came as a lowly servant on a donkey ..  no .. He wasn’t on a high prancing horse nor was He in royal clothing .. no .. He was clothed as the poor and the humble .. He came not to conquer by force as earthly kings do .. but yes ..  by love grace mercy and His own sacrifice for us .. His people .. for the truth is .. His kingdom is not of armies and the high falootin’ .. haha .. but yes .. of lowliness and servanthood .. He doesn’t conquer nations  .. He conquers hearts and minds .. and yes sweet friends .. His message is one of peace with God .. it’s not temporary .. no way .. it last through eternity .. bottom line .. it’s when we allow Him to dwell in our heart that we too are filled with His peace and love .. and yes .. as His followers we too will exhibit His same qualities .. people loving people .. and yes! .. that’s absolutely all the bottom line we need .. for yes .. again and again and again we’ll always find .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“For this is the love of God .. that we keep His commandments .. and His commandments are not burdensome.”

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