Yesterday was my husbands birthday .. many of you know Bob .. he’s a wonderful man .. best known .. for putting up with me .. haha .. yes .. Bob .. he’s gracious and kind .. he never has a bad word .. well .. almost never .. to say about anyone .. he’s one of the best people I have or will ever know in this life .. that .. I’m sure of .. and .. as I said .. yesterday was his birthday .. I love birthdays .. it’s always been a big deal to fuss over the day you were born in our house .. however .. yesterday .. I forgot my husbands birthday .. yep .. I just plain forgot .. although.. all day I was edgy and in a daze .. thinking something wasn’t right .. you know .. that nagging feeling that you just can’t put your finger on .. well friends .. that feeling .. was one of many .. when I looked at the clock at 4pm .. while simultaneously .. looking at the facebook to see my nephew Mykal screaming .. Happy Birthday to Uncle Bob .. my heart dropped a thousand feet in literally seconds .. and .. I could only hear myself saying .. “Damn A$$” and “Crap” .. all at the same time .. haha .. my gals that work with me were like .. what’s up? .. me .. in total confession told them .. what was really up! .. haha .. yes .. I was in full planning mode now .. as the girls encouraged me on .. just like the planner I am on a day of an event .. I moved .. and .. I’m telling you .. I moved fast .. no time for self pity .. no time to beat myself up .. for today .. is Bob’s Birthday .. and .. I had things to do .. I had to get a card .. fix his favorite dish .. get a cake .. some balloons .. a bag of cotton candy .. and .. yes .. the trick candles .. haha .. it was all in place .. I had a plan .. I just needed people .. and .. of course .. God .. who I love like crazy .. and .. being the wise and loving Father He is .. had that all in place for me .. for you see .. earlier in the morning .. Donald asked me if he could bring the girls over for a few hours after school .. oh .. around 4pm .. haha .. and .. of course .. we said yes .. and .. Pop Bob .. as always .. was at the house patiently waiting on them .. so .. as normal procedure goes in an emergency .. I call Donald .. this time .. before he gets to the house with the girls to tell him what was going on .. first .. he’s calls “Jesus ” by name .. and then .. in true family form .. moves his pieces like a pro .. the girls come in happy to see their Pop Bob on his birthday .. loving .. hugging .. and .. singing .. like no one can do but them .. yes friends .. it was the perfect birthday .. we laughed .. we played .. we ate spaghetti .. and then .. came the cake and ice cream .. with .. the trick candles .. haha .. it just could not have been better planned .. for simply .. friends .. I’m telling you .. Our God .. He knows what’s important to us .. He knew if I had totally forgotten this day .. my heart would have been broken .. He knows what’s going on in our minds and in our lives .. every second of the day .. and .. He does truly care .. and .. He’s not fooling around about it .. no way .. for .. He orchestrated the day .. like no one could do but Him .. each piece in place .. had Donald ask for help with the girls .. had Mykal sit in front of the computer at just the right time .. had Kimberly  at the store with a listening ear .. yes friends .. He did for me yesterday what I couldn’t have done for myself .. it was all laid out in true .. “God” .. form .. and .. yes! .. it was a grand evening .. with a happy Pop Bob .. a whole lot of love .. and .. haha .. one trick candle .. again and again and again .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.

“Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves .. but our competence comes from God”


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