A friend of mine .. Alice Bargeron .. made me a sign years ago that hangs on our wall amidst the family pictures .. it simply states .. “less judging .. more hugging” .. haha .. it’s sweet as it can .. and yes .. this morning has me thinking about why we .. at times .. judge the way we do .. and yes .. I believe its simply because of our won selfish interests .. for yes .. we often become critical when we compare ourselves to those around us .. we look for faults in others to prove that we are smarter .. we are better looking .. we are happier .. or yes .. we are wealthier .. haha .. and yes .. these are selfish reasons .. for the truth is .. we all want to feel better about ourselves .. so yes .. we get critical when others fail to do what we ask or don’t do what we think is right .. and yes .. it’s often a family member .. a close friend .. or even .. a co-worker who fails to meet our expectations .. and friends .. those expectations along with our own frustrations .. if we’re not careful .. can and will lead to a judgmental attitude .. which can become a critical situation .. for yes .. it’s when life is not turning out the way we desire .. we can find ourselves .. hiding our own frustrations by finding fault with others .. so yes .. we need to get a grip .. haha .. for yes .. God is love .. and yes .. we’re made in His image .. and yes .. what we need to do is love .. that’s right .. love one another .. in spite of and not because of .. we need to give our days to Him ..  while yes .. having the mindset to share with others .. out of love .. just what He can do .. with a willing vessel .. for yes .. more hugging and less judging will always and forever be .. the best course of action .. for yes ..this comes from love .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy .. mercy triumphs over judgment”


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