As I watched the Grammy’s last night .. the tears .. the laughter .. and yes .. the talent were all incredible and heart moving .. haha .. yes .. it’s always a delight to see so many incredibly gifted people in one space .. all with different personalities and styles .. yet .. all the same .. haha .. for yes sweet friends .. we’re all the same in God’s eyes .. so .. as I watched and my thoughts went to Him .. I began more and more looking at it that way .. thinking how we as a society .. are so quick to judge and label those around us .. we don’t always look at each other as we should .. for the truth is .. each one of us .. we’re truly a small piece of God’s work of art .. haha .. that’s right .. we’re precious to Him regardless of any of the choices we’ve made in our lives .. or yes .. even in spite of the crazy situations we may have found or will find ourselves in .. haha .. yes .. for He’s made each of us to last .. to hold strong .. and yes .. to have the courage to be ourselves .. for we’re all .. each and every one of us .. telling a never ending story as we pass through this life .. and yes .. we the people .. haha .. need to ask Him to help us read each other with care .. show each other respect .. and yes .. love totally in spite of anything and everything .. and no .. never because of anything and everything .. haha .. yes .. He’s given us a love in our heart to share .. and no .. not just with the ones we see acceptable in our eyes .. but yes .. to the ones we don’t see in acceptable in our eyes .. because friends .. we all have real struggles .. and yes .. we all have real pains .. and no .. not a single one of us really know what the one next to us may be going through .. so no .. we don’t have the right not to accept .. so instead .. haha .. we love .. we forgive .. we give it our all for Him who gave His all for us .. and yes yes yes .. we allow His love to rule our heart and mind whenever and wherever we may be .. for we know that we know that we know .. without a doubt .. that yes .. the bottom line will continually remain the same .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Judge not .. and you will not be judged .. condemn not .. and you will not be condemned .. forgive .. and you will be forgiven”

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