Each and everyday God puts people in our lives that are totally different than we are .. they have different views .. different strengths .. and yes .. different talents .. oh and us .. haha .. being the perfect people we are .. if not careful will be thinking because they aren’t like us .. they need to be fixed and we’re just the one to do it .. but the truth is .. they don’t need to be fixed .. no friends .. all of us need to be accepted .. need to be encouraged .. and yes .. need to be loved .. that’s right .. just because we’re different doesn’t make us any more or any less than the one beside us .. for in reality .. each one of us have something unique about us that no one else has .. and no .. we don’t need to waste our time and energy trying to make others like ourselves .. we simple need to let each other be who God has made us to be .. haha .. yes .. He’s going to put people in our lives that are different than we are .. and yes .. we may think they need our molding to “fit in” .. haha .. but friends .. this is not our job .. no way .. for HE is the One who puts the talents .. creativity .. and yes .. strength in every single one of us .. and we are never to try and change anyone .. haha .. for simply .. we’re not the Potter and those around us are not our clay .. so yes .. we love and accept one another for who He has made us to be .. bottom line .. it’s time we let each other of the hook .. we can no longer allow ourselves to focus on what we don’t like about someone .. it time to focus on their good qualities .. for we all have them .. so yes sweet friends .. we open our hearts and open our eyes to clearly see .. that yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. lovewinsperiod
“Therefore .. accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory.”

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