Change ..  it happens everyday ..  we live in a constantly changing world .. haha .. one of my most used phrases .. “life is change .. growth is optional” ..  and yes .. it’s so true .. as we try to make many of the changes set in front of us .. we often find ourselves moving .. one step forward .. and yes .. two steps back ..  and yes .. the reason we take those backward steps is normally because we’re fearful of what’s ahead .. we can’t see it .. it’s taking too long to get there .. and .. haha .. when we get there .. what do we do … oh but friends .. it’s when we give our change to God .. we now have a guide .. a guide through the change .. not only to lead us .. but yes .. to love us ..  to encourage us .. and yes .. to support us through the difficult .. but often necessary “growth” that change brings on .. haha .. for simply .. He knows us .. He loves us .. He understands us .. and yes .. He longs for us live a life honoring Him .. and yes .. being as joyful and as peaceful .. as we want to be .. haha .. and friends .. not only does He support and encourage us in our growth .. but yes .. He provides the power to make it all happen .. and yes .. soon we simply find .. with every step backwards .. we’re now moving ..  not one .. but .. two steps forward .. haha .. and again .. here we have it .. haha .. oh yeah ..  love wins period

“Have I not commanded you? .. Be strong and courageous .. do not be frightened .. and do not be dismayed .. for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”


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