There have been many times in most all of our lives .. where we’d love to go back and do a .. haha .. “re-do” .. oh yes .. to pick up where we left off .. to do some of the things just a little bit differently .. to make a little bit better decision .. and .. to have given it just a little more time .. to simply .. allow God to get the glory as we had so hoped it to be .. haha .. but friends .. there are no re-do’s in most areas of life .. when it’s done .. it’s simply done .. so .. to sit and think things may have been different if we would have said this .. or .. done that .. has no validity today .. we can’t change what’s happened .. we can’t change hardened hearts .. and .. we can’t change what God intended to come out for His good .. haha .. no friends .. when we’re in the fire and we make these choices .. He already knew what we were going to do .. and yes .. He was working to bring it to full circle .. for me .. as I sit and think about my life .. where I was .. and yes .. where I am now .. my heart grows full .. I think about the grace I’ve been shown .. haha .. more than once .. I think about the love I’ve received .. and yes .. the love I’ve been able to give .. I think about how each day .. when I thought I’d never see the day .. the circle makes it’s turn .. and yes .. that gap closes .. haha .. for friends .. as we go through life .. we’ll all have situations where we wish it were different .. but .. I’m here to tell you .. we can’t lose hope . we can never give up .. we can hold our head high .. and yes .. we can .. keep moving forward .. for simply .. we all get to experience in our lives the closing of the gaps .. we just need to be mindful .. to stay prayerful .. hopeful .. and .. always grateful .. for yes .. every single experience we encounter .. for the truth is .. the gaps will close and the full circle will shine .. and .. when that happens .. we’ll simply see .. His hand has never left us .. not one single time .. friends .. bottom line .. life is full of pain .. it’s simply an unavoidable part of being human .. haha .. we come into the world screaming .. and yes .. we leave whimpering .. yet .. He constantly keeps bringing redemption in the place of pain .. and yes .. we so often get caught in a dark painful spot in life .. unable to see how He brings things full circle .. we struggle to believe He’s good when terrible things happen .. and yes .. we may even yell at Him in our anguish .. for we simply .. don’t know what else to do .. we can either ignore Him .. shake our fist at Him .. or .. wait for the day of redemption .. when He simply .. shows us the big picture .. haha .. me .. I’ve done them all .. I’ve gotten tired of waiting .. and yes .. I’ve wanted to give up trusting .. oh but friends .. He’s so very good .. and yes .. He can be trusted .. twenty four seven .. for simply .. His time table is not ours .. but .. we can always know .. without a doubt .. His circles do get closed .. haha .. we just simply need to trust .. even when we can’t see the “how” .. for simply .. when He’s finished and in His time .. haha .. you can bet your bottom dollar .. He’s gonna get the glory .. yes sweet friends .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“The wind blows to the south and turns to the north .. round and round it goes .. ever returning on its course”

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