We’ve all been hurt and let down by someone we love at some point in our lives .. it’s the way of the world .. and friends .. when this happens .. we have a choice .. we can walk away without forgiving .. or .. we can stand firm .. forgive the act .. forgive the person .. and simply .. live free in Christ .. simply by .. doing what He asks us to do .. love as He loves .. and .. as He loves us .. for the truth is .. when we don’t do this .. we won’t ever be free .. we won’t ever have closure .. and .. success will be hard pressed .. oh yes .. I understand that it’s easier to walk away .. haha .. I’ve done it a hundred times in my life .. we get hurt .. or .. we hurt someone else .. and yes .. we walk on .. say we’ve forgiven .. and then .. alienate that person from our lives .. just so we really don’t have to deal with the emotions that come with it .. haha .. yes .. that’s the easy way .. and yes .. I know I talk about this a lot .. but .. it seems this a major problem we all have .. and .. continue to have .. but friends .. when we realize this .. and understand that simply … His way is really the only way for us to be authentic Followers .. we have to follow His plan .. we simply have no other choice .. and no .. I know .. it’s not easy to do .. and no .. I don’t always do it myself .. but .. I do know what we’re suppose to do it .. and really .. deep in my heart .. I want to do it .. just like you .. haha .. so friends .. bottom line .. we start today .. we take anything and everything .. that’s been following us around like an ugly shadow .. and .. we let go of it .. we need no longer allow our minds to dwell on it .. we need no longer hurt from it .. friends .. we simply .. no longer .. let it bind us .. when the hurt pops up .. haha .. and it will .. we face it head on .. we earnestly pray for the one that hurt us .. or .. that we hurt .. we pray for their well being .. and yes .. we pray that He will help us move forward .. for friends .. closure sometimes doesn’t happen between people .. this I’ve learned first hand .. but .. when we truly forgive .. not only them .. but ourselves .. we have a freedom no one can take away .. for now .. we’re learning to love like Jesus .. yes .. we have now understand that .. “in spite of not because of” .. kind of love .. you know .. that kind of love we’ve all so longed .. to give and receive .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Dear friends .. let us love one another .. for love comes from God .. everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God .. whoever does not love does not know God .. because God is love”

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