Friends .. when we get really serious about walking with God .. haha .. He teaches us .. guides us .. and yes .. comfort us .. and yes yes yes .. we’ll absolutely know His peace in our life .. in fact .. the truth is .. as we mature in our walk with Him .. peace and joy will be multiplied to us .. it’s amazing what He can and will orchestrate .. haha .. if we let Him .. for when we do .. we’ll find .. on one hand our trials increase as we grow stronger in Him .. haha .. while on the other hand .. the fruit of the Spirit .. including joy and peace .. develops to the point that we’re given His amazing grace to simply .. weather those trials that come upon us .. and yes .. it’s then we simply find .. through our wholehearted trust in Him .. haha .. we can indeed .. live this life we live .. full of peace .. and yes .. in a harmonious relationship.. not only with Him ..but .. with all those around us .. and yes .. that makes for another awesome day .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you .. all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”



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