“Grateful” .. for a new day .. yesterday was an emotional bear .. the enemy started on me early .. and simply .. did not want to let up all day long .. totally pestering me with his pure meanness .. ‘Grateful’ .. that I can recognize him .. and .. be able to .. or .. haha .. try as I might .. be able to .. keep my emotions in check and not let them spread over to those closest to me .. ha .. easier said than done .. oh yes .. we know in our heart .. we are called to be a light to those around us .. and .. as a result of that .. on a day like yesterday .. we want to .. ‘pretend’ … and .. we want to .. ‘believe’ .. that if we cover up our faults and act more righteous that we truly are .. we can still be that .. ‘testimony’ .. to others that He has placed on each of our lives .. haha .. dangerous thinking people .. for friends .. the bottom line and truth .. we are all strugglers .. we all deal with .. guilt .. doubt .. disappointment .. fear .. and .. frustration .. it’s a way of life for most .. so .. when we’re having a day of dealing with the enemies stupid tactics .. we must remember .. we never have to .. ‘pretend’ .. to be a perfect Believer and Follower of Christ for others to see .. haha .. because simply .. there is no such thing .. no sweet friends .. what people really want to see in each of us .. is the truth .. they want and need to see .. a fellow struggler .. who authentically interacts with a real God .. with the One .. that always brings us back around to the place we need be .. every single time .. haha .. if we let Him .. that’s right .. we have to be ..’still’ .. long enough to simply .. ‘Let Him’ .. and yes .. sometimes .. it’s easier said than done .. haha .. ‘Grateful’ .. for a fresh new day .. let’s do this people .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“So we do not lose heart .. though our outer self is wasting away .. our inner self is being renewed day by day”


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