We arrived to Disney World yesterday afternoon .. haha .. we didn’t tell the girls we were coming .. so yes .. when we checked into our unit .. needless to say they were surprised .. I don’t think it will fully set in until we hit the park this morning ..  we’re all so excited .. and yes .. grateful to be able to see the sparkle and innocents in these two little girls eyes  .. haha .. the joy they hold inside as they anticipate their luncheon at the “Princesses Royal Table” today is totally delightful to see .. haha .. as a matter of fact .. as I sit here and think about it .. the same way we look at these babies .. is the same way that God looks at each on of us each day .. He looks with excitement and love at our very existence .. haha .. He awaits our wakening each day ..  He’s thrilled to hear us call His name .. He wants and loves to lead us and guide us in all we do .. and yes .. in all we say .. for yes ..  He is God .. the Creator of all .. and yes .. He is love .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“And He said .. “Truly I tell you .. unless you change and become like little children .. you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”


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