It’s been a hard week .. a whole lot of stress .. haha .. with a little confusion thrown in .. and yes friends .. it’s easy to moan and groan when we go through these times .. haha .. oh but .. trust me .. there really is a much better approach .. that’s right .. instead of complaining .. we can simply look for the beauty in the trial .. haha .. for the truth is .. if we sit and think about it .. we’ll simply see .. we’ve done most of our “spiritual growing” during the most trying and painful times in our lives .. haha .. for simply .. if we allow it .. those trials .. they’ll move us even closer to God .. and yes .. they’ll totally change us .. haha .. for yes .. they’ll simply .. help us to develop an attitude of gratitude and humility .. which in turn .. haha .. brings “real freedom” into our lives .. oh yes .. that kind of freedom that makes us able .. to not have our way .. yet .. still be just as happy .. haha .. as if we did .. and friends .. being able to make this kind of progress .. only results in more of His power in our lives .. and yes .. it’s a difficult process to get to this point .. but friends .. it’s so worth it .. haha .. we just simply need to accept the fact that gaining spiritual maturity .. will in fact .. at times .. hurt .. haha .. for truly growing in Him can be uncomfortable .. for .. there will be times of sacrifice involved .. there will be times when He’ll ask us to do things .. and yes .. we will .. feel like we can’t stand it .. haha .. oh but friends .. we can trust without a doubt .. He’ll always and forever .. give us the grace to do whatever it is .. He wants us to do .. haha .. so .. bottom line .. let’s make it our goal to have a constant attitude of gratitude .. let’s resist the temptation to .. moan and groan .. haha .. and simply .. praise Him and thank Him .. for who He is .. and yes .. for all He’s done for us .. for simply .. it’s by His grace and through His strength .. we can overcome the moaning and groaning .. and simply .. live each day with a thankful heart .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Do not be anxious about anything .. but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God”

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