As most of you know our family  has taken over the daily operation of the Hibiscus Cafe by Grayton Beach Catering .. also as most of you know I was there .. along with my family for many years prior to our comeback .. haha .. (so to speak) .. and yes .. as the days have gone by .. and yes .. as the people come and go .. my mind goes to my favorite be word quite often .. and yes .. that’s simply to .. “Be Grateful” .. for yes sweet friends .. gratitude is what unlocks the fullness of life .. it turns what we have into more .. and yes ..  it simply makes things right .. it turns negative energy into positive energy .. and yes .. it makes sense of our past .. and yes .. it brings peace for today .. and yes .. it creates a vision for tomorrow .. for friends .. it’s through gratitude that our faith is built .. and yes .. in turn .. makes trusting God so very very easy  .. it’s truly magical .. and yes .. it’s ours for the choosing  .. for we are loved by love Himself .. and friends .. that is the making for a grayt start of a brand new day .. let’s do this! ..  haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

Sink your roots in Him and build on Him .. be strengthened by the faith that you were taught .. and overflow with thanksgiving”


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