Forgiveness is necessary in this world we live  ..  God has graciously shown us this .. time after time after time .. yet .. for some reason we find .. forgiving ourselves is far more challenging than forgiving someone else  ..  simply because  .. haha .. we have to live with ourselves and our thoughts .. twenty four seven .. but friends .. despite the challenge .. and as .. the emotionally healthy people we are  .. we must forgive ourselves when we make a mistake .. for the truth is .. when we can learn to forgive ourselves .. we’re not pretending it didn’t happen .. no .. we’re actually acknowledging that our actions have consequences .. but .. those consequences  ..  they don’t need to include self inflicted negative feelings .. for friends ..  when we don’t forgive ourselves .. it’s like picking at an open would .. we only make a bad situation worse .. the wound is already there and we must .. simply have .. control over our reaction to it .. for .. it is only then ..  that we can stop it from getting worse .. so .. bottom line .. we forgive ourselves when we make a mistake .. for we know that we know that we know ..  when we do .. it’s much easier to address the consequences of our actions in a much more productive way .. haha .. and me .. I’m about to get out and face mine .. head up and head on .. come on now .. let’s do this .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“Finally .. brothers .. whatever is true .. whatever is honorable .. whatever is just .. whatever is pure .. whatever is lovely .. whatever is commendable .. if there is any excellence .. if there is anything worthy of praise .. think about these things”





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