As we get older we start to see around us .. haha .. everyone else getting older too .. like so many of us .. we watch our children grow up .. we now have grandchildren .. lucky us .. and yes .. we start to see people in our own age group move from this earthly journey to their next destination .. haha .. I knew Gregg Allman in the 1970’s .. BD (before Donald) .. we all spent a few days together in New Orleans .. it was a time when Fleetwood Mac played in Jackson Square and Mad Dog 2020 was passed freely around the park .. haha .. oh my goodness .. we had so much fun .. not a care in the world .. and now .. here we are today with another passing .. while yes .. reliving the memories of what they brought into our lives .. and friends .. I’m sure that you like me .. are grateful to be sitting here this morning reflecting on that time .. and yes .. grateful that God has been so gracious to give us the time that we have .. for the truth is .. if we sit and think about it .. we are reminded .. that yes .. through it all .. He’s been the steady in our lives .. no matter where we went or where we may go .. He has and will forever remain our good good Father .. He has .. and yes .. always will be our Friend and Comforter when in need .. He’ll continue to walk with us through our trials and tribulations .. and yes .. be there with us through every single step we take .. when we fall .. He’ll pick us up .. when we rise .. He’ll lead us and guide us .. we are blessed people .. and yes .. we live a wonderful life .. and yes yes yes .. it’s another beautiful day to make a few more beautiful memories .. for yes sweet friends.. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“But Mary treasured up all these things .. pondering them in her heart”

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