I know I’ve shared the story with most of you of when my brother was sick and we were at the VA Hospital in Biloxi .. a nurse or maybe it was a social worker came in to talk .. she told George that dying was like going through another door .. haha .. and .. in his awesome calm and humorous self .. looked at her with all the love and contentment he had inside of him .. and replied .. “Yes M’am .. and I’m just looking to reach out and grab that coooool knob” .. haha .. I’ve thought about that analogy and have shared this story many times .. it’s funny and it’s real .. for you see .. my brother .. he found the key .. for friends .. the truth is .. you and I .. we’re the beautiful keys that unlock the heart of Jesus .. and .. we’re perfectly fashioned and made special .. and .. there’s nothing .. absolutely nothing .. that can change that .. for God .. has already set out the doors of our destiny that He’s waiting for us to unlock .. and .. we get to explore them .. haha ..yes .. with the keys He’s already given us .. so friends .. we must stay near Him .. never allowing immobility to take over simply because of lack of clarity … no .. for we can trust that whether or not some doors work .. it doesn’t really matter .. for we know .. that we know .. that we know .. He promises us that ALL things work out for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose .. that’s right .. we can never fail Him .. He’s over all .. including those open and closed doors .. as well as .. the right timing for each of them .. so .. we can trust .. we never need to be afraid to step out and risk .. no way .. we need to try our key where we feel drawn .. for .. the bottom line .. we’ll never know if we don’t try .. haha .. we have nothing to lose .. and .. only clarity and momentum to gain in the process as we constantly move toward filling our own destiny .. haha .. yes .. we remember .. all things do work together for our good .. because we love Him .. and because .. we’re called according to His purpose .. wow .. so .. it’s when we step out and risk toward following our heart .. that we’re simply .. preparing ourselves to carry greatness .. and friends .. we can absolutely trust .. that when we begin to thank Him for that those bad things that have happened to us in the past .. we’ll see His promise unfold .. yes .. we’ll see with our very own eyes .. each one .. turning around for our good .. because we love Him .. and yes! .. because .. we’re called according to His purposes .. no no no .. it’s doesn’t mean that what happened wasn’t bad .. for it was .. is simply means .. He’s always faithful to use what the enemy has used against us and turn it around for our good .. for .. the enemy .. that lousy thief only comes to kill .. steal .. and .. destroy .. oh but .. Our Jesus .. He came that we may have life more abundantly .. so friends .. season by season .. we simply .. unlock each door moving through our earthly purposes with the full understanding .. of the very value we have in His eyes .. right on til that day .. when we reach our ultimate destiny .. and grab hold of that door .. with the coooool knob .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“It is God Himself who has made us what we are and given us new lives from Christ Jesus .. and long ages ago He planned that we should spend these lives in helping others”


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