The Word tells us .. “we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” .. so .. what that tells me is when we really know and understand that God loves us .. we don’t have to be afraid of making a mistake .. no .. we can step out boldly in faith to do whatever it is .. He’s calling us to do .. for we know .. who we are in Christ .. and .. we have confidence .. that we can do .. whatever we need to do in life .. through Him .. simple .. easy breezy .. haha .. yes friends .. for .. Our God .. He loves us on purpose .. He didn’t get stuck with us .. He actually chose us .. each one of us are hand picked .. by God Himself .. wow .. that’s awesome .. so .. when we know He loves us .. we feel valuable .. totally accepted .. “as is” .. and .. we know .. we have a purpose .. we know we are forgiven .. and .. we are free from guilt and condemnation .. no matter what we’ve done .. we can always have a new beginning with Him .. and friends .. all He wants from us .. is simply .. to get to the mindset and determination .. to love unconditionally .. haha .. that’s right people .. we have to love each other .. in spite of .. not because of .. which means .. no respecter of person .. haha .. and this begins .. not with a “fluttering” feeling .. no .. its about .. how we treat others .. and friends .. how we love others starts first .. with out thoughts .. haha .. yes .. if we’re going to walk in love .. we have to set our mind and thoughts .. on doing .. just that .. regardless of our natural tendency to be selfish .. for we know .. to overcome ourselves .. we must love others aggressively .. so friends .. bottom line .. we are called to live in freedom through Christ .. however .. this does not mean letting our selfishness take root .. but .. through love .. we should serve one another .. for when we focus on others and how we can bless them .. we’ll simply have more peace and joy within .. so .. come on now .. let’s today .. and .. everyday .. make it our business to put a smile on someone’s face .. to do something for someone that makes their life better .. with a whole hearted trust that He will take care of us .. simply because .. He loves us .. and .. we love Him .. let’s do this! .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Greater love has no one than this .. that someone lay down his life for his friends”


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