Spy Wednesday .. the day Judas made the plotting decision to betray Jesus .. yes .. all for 30 pieces of silver .. his lack of faith and the hold the enemy had on him .. took him to this place of torment .. and we wonder .. how this could be .. after all .. he was one of His twelve disciples .. yet .. personally led Him to His death on the cross .. simply by .. his poor actions on that particular day .. yet Jesus .. haha .. He loved him anyway .. oh yes .. He knew what Judas would do .. it was all in the plan .. although .. I’m sure He secretly hoped that he would change .. but .. in the end .. he refused and the plan was put into motion .. and .. since this was a plan .. we need to understand .. there was a purpose to it .. for all God’s plans .. have a purpose .. and today .. we see that purpose .. think about it .. just like Judas .. we’ve all been betrayed in some way .. by someone we love .. and yes .. we’ve all betrayed someone we love .. in some way .. so .. when we look at this story .. we simply find .. forgiveness and love .. yes .. we see first hand how He’s teaching us to love one another .. and yes .. to love .. even those who betray and persecute us .. haha .. after all .. this was the message He lived .. He loved Judas .. with no conditions attached .. He cared for him .. prayed for him .. and .. treated him with respect .. even when he knew .. what he would eventually do .. yes .. He knew in advance that He would be betrayed by one of His closest friends .. in a major life changing way .. oh .. if that were us .. we’d probably would be hollering way before now .. getting away from this person as fast as we could .. avoiding them like the plague .. haha .. yet .. Jesus .. knowing all things .. simply allowed him in the midst .. and .. loved him dearly .. so today .. sweet friends .. we CAN do the same .. we can take on a similar attitude and love those who have .. or are .. betraying us right now .. haha .. I know .. it’s not easy .. they aren’t nice and it hurts .. but .. when we think of what He’s done for us .. we need to forgive that person or persons .. haha .. yes .. we need to love them .. in spite of .. whatever it is they’ve done .. for we .. are made in His image .. and we .. need to act like it .. simply because .. we’re no better than the one standing next to us .. for friends .. bottom line and simple truth .. we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ .. and .. nothing absolutely nothing .. can change that fact .. haha .. yeah .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“ But you .. why do you criticize your brother? .. or you again .. why do you look down on your brother or regard him with contempt? .. for we will all stand before the judgment seat of God”


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