Friends .. most all of us have been through a lot in our lives .. haha .. and today .. there’s not one of us that’s not going through something .. for the truth is .. everyone we meet is facing some sort of something .. right this very moment  .. haha .. just like us ..  it’s been this way from the beginning of time .. and yes .. will be this way till the end .. haha .. for life .. it has it’s way with us .. and yes .. because of this .. we learn to persevere ..  we learn that no matter what .. if we’re up or down .. we have to keep moving .. season to season ..  no questions asked .. haha ..  and no  ..  perseverance ..  it’s not something we volunteer for .. no way .. haha ..  for yes ..  it means getting up .. gritting  our teeth .. and  .. pushing ourselves to trudge through those tough circumstances that come our way .. haha .. and yes .. simply choosing .. to trust God and His faithfulness .. when nothing around us encourages such faith .. haha .. yes friends .. He wants us to persevere .. for doing so .. simply produces in us a constant  faith in Him .. that will simply .. strengthen our trust .. and yes .. give us a deep sense of peace .. haha .. bottom line .. with every opportunity we have to persevere .. we become stronger .. we become wiser .. and yes .. through it all .. we become better  and better and better ..  haha .. gotta love a God that brings out the best in us .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete .. not lacking anything”


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