As Believers we want to please God .. we want Him to like us .. we want Him to choose us .. and yes .. we absolutely want to be His favorite .. haha .. so .. we jump through hoops .. we serve every need we can find .. and yes .. we find ourselves constantly asking Him for forgiveness .. while all the while .. refusing to believe we’ve done enough good to wipe away all of the bad .. haha .. oh but friends .. it’s my guess that God shakes his head at us when we act this way .. for the truth is .. all He really wants and desires from us is that we reach out to Him as an act of faith .. and yes .. trust that He is in fact .. who He says He is .. while simply stopping to rest in His love and mercy .. for yes sweet friends .. He wants us to believe in His compassion so much that we would live our lives basking in it rather than trying to earn it .. and yes .. He knew how difficult it would be for us to comprehend this kind of love .. so maybe .. just maybe .. that’s why He left so many passages in His Word to vouche for it .. haha .. so yes! .. when we need that reminder of His miraculous love .. all we have to do is pick up The Book .. read then reread the many many stories of this great love of His .. while yes .. believing in it .. haha .. for friends .. when we do this .. we are in fact .. returning His tender feeling of compassion .. with our very own .. and yes .. finding once again .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases .. His mercies never come to an end .. they are new every morning .. great is your faithfulness”

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