Pop Bob and I were at the store last night when we got a call from Cortney .. Avery Kate had pulled the cord to the big angel sitting on the hutch .. and .. it came down and hit her on the eye .. she needed us to come over .. which we did .. immediately .. I could hear the worry in her voice .. although .. she stayed composed and very calm .. bless her heart .. when we got there .. we were met at the door by Gracyn Ann steadily explaining what had happened to her sister .. while we see .. poor little Avery had taken a pretty good hit .. yet .. she was smiling and reaching out her little arms at us .. just like nothing had ever happened .. so after determining she was really just fine .. other than .. taking a good lick to the top of her eye .. we were all relieved and able to gather ourselves up .. to start picking up .. you know .. broken glass .. two kids .. the dog .. the toys .. and now .. the vacuuming .. haha .. while .. in the meantime .. Donald comes rushing in from work .. to fortunately see .. all was well .. so .. we’re in order now .. the popsicles come out and everyone is happy and content .. as they gathered the girls for baths .. we took off .. we laughed on our way home about kids .. how they can get hurt .. but within seconds .. move right out of the crying .. right on into the laughing .. they forget the pain so quickly .. just like God intends for all of us to do .. so friends .. whether we get .. hit in the eye .. or .. in the heart .. we must .. just like Avery Kate .. keep moving .. take our hurt and our pain .. and .. let Him .. turn it into .. laughter and joy .. haha .. oh yes .. for He will .. simply because .. He is faithful .. and .. He is good .. and to Him .. our family gives thanks .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“Truly I say to you .. whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.”


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