Friends .. right now .. my life is closing so many circles that my head is spinning with each passing day .. haha .. and yes .. in thinking about those circles .. I can’t help but see that in reality .. when we stand back and look at our lives .. this is the way of life .. haha .. and yes .. we need to be totally aware of this .. for no .. we don’t want to get caught up in any illusion .. haha .. that leads to any unnecessary amount of “emotional baggage” that can and will weigh us down .. for yes sweet friends .. it’s much wiser to see both sides equally of every person .. of every event .. and yes .. of every situation that takes place along our way .. for the truth is .. when we’re able to do this .. we’ll greatly reduce any of that “emotional baggage” that has weighed us down .. for yes sweet friends .. this will help empower us in so many different areas of our lives .. while simply .. clearing our vision to see things differently than we did before .. for now we understand .. it’s when we fully begin to realize who we truly are in Christ .. and yes .. what we contribute to others along our way in His name .. that yes .. things start happening .. haha .. bottom line .. the more we view ourselves as He views us .. the more we’re able to do amazing things for Him .. haha .. so .. we look to Him who writes better stories than any of us .. to Him our God who calls us to build His kingdom .. not ours .. and yes .. we keep moving .. for when we’re truly walking with Him .. those full circles we’re closing actually have us moving full steam ahead on that wonderful and amazing train .. haha .. that’s yes! .. bound for glory .. and again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“So .. whether you eat or drink .. or whatever you do .. do all to the glory of God”

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