Friends ..  life can push .. and many of us  .. we’re so used to the pain that we tell ourselves it doesn’t hurt .. that’s right ..  we tell ourselves this .. simply because .. we’ve become accustomed to people controlling and manipulating us .. haha .. we even tell ourselves there’s something wrong with us .. but friends .. there’s nothing wrong with us .. when we feel that pushing and hurting .. we need to pay attention .. for we can trust .. that in any situation .. God can and will .. use it to get our attention .. to show us that just maybe .. we need to take care of ourselves .. yes friends .. we need to learn .. to set ourselves .. haha ..  a few boundaries so people can no longer take advantage of us .. we are people pleasers by nature .. we want to be loved .. and what’s so crazy about it  .. we actually think .. if we do what they want us to do .. they’ll actually love us more .. haha .. no friends .. when we do what others want us to do .. for their gain .. we all lose in the end ..  for the truth is .. one of us will feel the strangle and the hold .. that the other has placed on them .. and when that happens .. one of us will run .. we’ll do whatever it takes to get out from under the pressure and the pain .. of simply .. being abused ..  so .. what we do now .. haha .. we give it to Him .. who in His glorious and loving way .. always .. brings us back around .. He brings us to that place of perfect peace .. the place .. where now .. yes oh yes .. we still want to please .. however ..  this time .. we have a servant heart ..  and not .. a martyr heart .. haha .. oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period

“For am I now seeking the approval of man .. or of God? .. or am I trying to please man? .. if I were still trying to please man .. I would not be a servant of Christ”


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