Friends .. encouragement .. it goes straight to the heart .. haha .. think about it .. the word itself shouts heart .. just knowing what a difference encouragement makes in our own lives .. haha .. should certainly make us want to do all we can .. to help others feels the same way .. and yes .. to experience that same feeling of peace that it brings .. for friends .. when the going gets tough and the road feels long .. it would be awesome if we could all stay mindful to remember .. simply .. when an encouraging thought comes to mind .. whether it’s in our living room .. or .. in the grocery line .. haha .. we need to share it .. for the truth is .. if we wait .. it simply may not have the same effect .. haha .. no friends .. we can never let shyness or feeling silly hold us back .. instead .. we form a new habit .. and yes .. we encourage each other daily .. for it’s the unconditional love of God that moves us to love others .. and friends .. that same love .. gives us the courage .. haha .. to encourage .. and yes .. in turn .. brings on the peace .. haha .. so with that all I can say .. is simply .. happy national day of peace everybody .. you’re all so beautiful .. and yes .. so wonderfully made .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Encourage one another daily .. as long as it is called today”


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