Here we go .. plugging along through life when all of a sudden it happens .. haha .. we find ourselves with a broken heart .. oh yes .. we were in hope this wouldn’t happen again .. for yes .. we’ve done our best to avoid the usual pitfalls that bring this heartbreak on .. but the truth is .. broken hearts come with living life .. they come from taking the risk of opening our heart to trust and love .. and no .. there’s nothing imaginary about the pain it causes .. for yes .. it’s certainly real .. and yes .. it can affect every single part of our life .. and yes .. haha .. it can even feel like it will never end .. for yes .. we hurt so bad it almost takes our breathe away .. oh but friends .. it’s when we’re in the thick of it that we must understand this moment won’t last forever .. and no .. we’re not alone .. for yes .. God is with us .. so yes .. when we’re in the middle of this emotional turmoil .. we don’t give up .. and no .. we don’t have to feel like we have to have it all together .. for simply .. it’s okay if we don’t .. haha .. no .. we were never meant to face any kind of brokenness alone .. so yes .. instead of acting like “everything is fine” .. and yes .. instead of holding on to the “should haves” .. haha .. we simply “let it go” .. that’s right sweet friends .. we let go of the broken pieces .. and yes .. we give them to Him .. for yes .. whether broken bruised or hurt .. He’s the Master Builder and Healer of Hearts .. and yes .. He can and will build something beautiful out of our hurt and pain .. for yes .. our hearts will be broken as we move through life .. but no .. that doesn’t mean we’ll have less of a heart than before .. it doesn’t make us less of a person .. no .. it does not define the rest of our lives .. oh .. it hurts now .. but the truth is .. once we hand it over to Him .. He’ll take what once felt like the end of the world .. and yes .. make it the beginning of a new and better season .. and friends .. from personal experience I can honestly say .. that yes .. if we allow it .. we’ll see our heart become full from the beauty He makes .. even out of brokenness .. for yes yes yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Come to me .. all who labor and are heavy laden .. and I will give you rest .. take my yoke upon you .. and learn from me .. for I am gentle and lowly in heart .. and you will find rest for your souls .. For my yoke is easy .. and my burden is light”


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