Thanksgiving morning .. the house quiet .. my heart is full .. as I sat down in the same chair I sit in every morning to write .. haha .. whatever thought I’m going to share today .. I reached over .. like most days and picked up my “favorite” Bible .. you know .. the one that’s fallen apart more than once .. and yes .. held together with packing tape .. but to me .. it reads better than any new Bible I own .. haha .. you know how it is .. we can find right where everything is in the one that’s worn out .. I have notes .. and yes .. many different quotes and sayings that I’ve jotted down along the way that have brought meaning to me at one time or another .. I haven’t look at these in a while .. but this morning my eyes went to one thing .. haha .. and yes .. one thing only .. in 1997 I copied a quote on the inside left cover that simply reads .. ” If my life was broken when I gave it Jesus .. it was because pieces will feed a multitude .. while a loaf will only satisfy a child” .. it’s funny how we see things differently from the yesterdays to today.. haha .. friends .. it’s so true .. when we make the decision to follow Him with our broken selves .. and yes .. share in His sufferings .. it doesn’t always get easier .. no .. we’ll normally find .. more brokenness to follow .. and no .. we don’t always see the point in our suffering .. but .. trust me when I say .. when we hand it to Him .. haha .. we can absolutely trust .. He’s going to bless it .. for yes .. we’re all bruised .. broken .. and .. just plain busted up people .. and yes .. we must learn .. that we simply don’t need to hide it .. for yes .. He wants us to give it away .. and yes .. He wants us to trust Him .. to simply .. bring on the redemption .. and yes .. to bring on the healing .. haha .. if any of you are like me .. there’s a whole lot of healing that has been .. and yes .. will be done in our lives .. we’re starving for it .. and friends .. Jesus Himself .. invites us to join Him in feeding the multitudes .. oh .. He’s the One running the show and performing the miracles .. but none of us .. should want to miss out on being a part of His show .. simply because we’re too afraid to show our ..”broken” .. or .. to give away the pieces .. haha .. so yes sweet friends .. on this Thanksgiving Day .. with all the love and blessings around us .. we must be brave .. and yes .. allow His glory to be revealed .. for no .. nothing we have done or will do .. haha .. will ever shock Him .. yet .. our own brokenness .. can and will .. help the next person discover the beauty in their own “broken” world in which they live .. haha .. simple truth .. people loving people .. just the way He intended it to be .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody ..  have a beautifully blessed day!

“Therefore .. confess your sins to one another and pray for one another ┬áthat you may be healed ..the prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working”



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