They call the Book of Philippians .. “The Book of Joy” ..  rightfully so .. as joy is mentioned in this book more than in any other in the New Testament .. I’m guessing that this was likely Paul’s favorite church ..  simply because .. they exuded the fruit of the Holy Spirit ..  this is were he tells us plainly .. that we must .. “esteem others”  ..  haha ..  yes ..  even those .. we ‘feel’  are not equal to us ..  but .. actually  ‘are’  better than us .. and friends .. not only are we to do that .. but ..  we’re not to look .. only to our own interests .. but .. to the interests of others .. bottom line meaning ..  we are to accept people for who they truly are .. and .. not who we think they are ..  for you see .. when we put others ahead of ourselves ..  we are removing our own selfish ambitions .. and .. acting in true humility  .. we are now ..  simply counting .. others more significant than we do ourselves ..  yes friends ..  it’s very important that we learn to accept the faults of one another  ..  just as God .. Himself .. has learned to accept us .. “many faults and all”   ..  I don’t know about you .. but me .. I have them .. haha .. way too many to count ..  and .. it’s been through learning to accept myself .. faults .. failures .. and .. everything in between  .. that simply ..  when I have the urge to want to cast a stone .. I get right up in front of a mirror as fast as I can .. and .. be my first target ..  no ..  I have no right to judge anyone .. but myself .. it all boils down to this  ..  if He accepts us .. then we must learn to accept others .. when we fail to do so .. we are wrong .. that’s right .. wrong .. for our God .. He is no respecter of persons .. He shows no partiality with any of us .. men .. women .. race .. or .. religion .. for it’s by .. “grace not race”  .. that He loves unconditionally .. so ..  when we judge .. when we look down on someone ..  we are setting ourselves up as their judge .. and that my friends .. is His job .. haha .. not ours .. simply because .. none of us .. qualify for that position .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“For God shows no partiality”



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