“By The Grace Of God”  ..  that awesome expression of how God’s love reveals itself in a .. ‘full on’ .. care taking and protecting mode ..  despite our own behavior ..  it’s the perfect love that guides us away from evil ..  and ..  haha .. from the full impact of our poor choices .. and yes .. as well as the poor choices of others .. for .. Our God ..  He’s our Heavenly Stalker ..  never taking His eyes off us .. waiting for us to fall and then call upon Him .. for .. it is then .. His grace goes into action ..  He answers our call and enters our reality when we mess up or become fearful .. then He straightens us out while stepping into our bad situations .. for .. it’s even when we don’t have enough faith of our own that His grace say’s .. we not only get our change .. but .. we also get the desires of our heart .. yes .. “By The Grace Of God” .. covers every area of our lives so that we don’t experience the full impact of our mistakes nor the pain caused by others .. His hand is always there .. reaching out to us in all of our bad experiences .. for .. every single time .. He will pull us out and pull  us up ..  for Friends .. it’s simply .. by His Amazing Grace .. we are able overcome and move on  .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“But by the grace of God I am what I am .. and His grace to me was not without effect .. no .. I worked harder than all of them .. yet not I .. but the grace of God that was with me”


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