Friends .. I’m sitting here this morning with so many thoughts running through my mind .. our family has a lot going on right now .. as most of you know .. we own Grayton Beach Realty .. and .. Grayton Beach Catering .. and yes .. as you know .. my husband Robert aka “Pop Bob” is our Broker .. and yes .. my son Donald is the one the executes all the gigs that run through GBC once set in place .. with a lot of hard work .. dedication .. and yes .. haha .. really great and wonderful people working with us and assisting us .. we’re moving along .. we’re growing .. we’re happy .. and yes .. most importantly .. our clients are happy .. just like the plan was designed to be .. haha .. our tag line for our catering is a simple line .. “It’s gonna be pretty .. the food’s gonna be awesome .. everybody’s gonna be loved” .. and yes .. we always finish that off with a simple .. “and y’all are gonna do the rest” .. haha .. it’s a big job we’ve put on ourselves .. but yet .. it’s one we love .. and yes .. one we feel God has led us to do .. it’s our ..”call to action” .. so to speak .. haha .. for the truth is .. we’ve bound ourselves together .. and yes .. are fully committed .. to do this job that we do with love and respect for each other and for those around us .. while simply allowing the process it takes .. haha .. to strengthen our spiritual being .. so that simply .. we can love God with all our heart .. with all our soul .. and yes .. with all our mind .. for friends .. as we all know .. it’s only then .. we can truly love one another as ourselves .. haha .. and yes .. it’s only then .. we can grasp this crazy unconditional love of His .. the kind of love that empowers us to step into the world .. haha .. and carry within us a light so bright that it shatters the darkness and confusion around us .. for yes friends .. there’a a cry for freedom .. and we .. all of us .. you and I .. haha .. must bring that freedom on .. that glorious freedom that can only be found through Him and His healing power .. for yes sweet friends .. we .. all of us .. you and I .. haha .. ‘are a strong group of people who refuse to simply act like Christians .. but are determined with all our might to be one’ .. haha .. so yes .. our “food for thought” today is simply .. ‘it doesn’t matter what we’re doing or where we’re doing it .. our role is to lovingly bring on His light’ .. for we know that we know that we know .. “God is love” .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Let your light shine before men .. that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven”


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