Friends ..  we’re going to hit rough spots in our lives .. no doubt about that .. haha .. they come and they go .. and yes .. when we hit these rough spots  ..  we must simply remember .. haha ..  to stay calm and completely unmoved  when travelling through them .. haha .. for yes .. when calm is lost for even one moment .. we must right away .. get ourselves back .. to that place of silent communion we have with God .. for the truth is  .. we accomplish so much more in calmness than we ever will in the chaos that a day can bring .. haha .. for simply .. we can’t solve a single thing productively .. when we’re upset and agitated … so .. we keep away from the things that we know upset us emotionally .. haha .. doing our best .. to always run on an even keel … seeking things that are calm and good and true .. then sticking to them like glue … for friends  .. this is where He intends for us all to live .. so yes ..  we do as He directs .. and yes .. we simply … do all we can to live each day in the calm and peaceful state that only He can provide .. and yes .. again we simply find .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Every valley shall be filled in .. every mountain and hill made low .. the crooked roads shall become straight .. the rough ways smooth”


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