We have been given two kinds of thinking ..  reactive and proactive ..  haha .. for reactive thinking .. no prep work is required .. we just show up and react to the situation in whatever manner that comes naturally to us .. oh boy .. sometimes this works out .. most of the time .. it does not .. however .. by using the proactive approach .. we understand .. we must think ahead .. we have to consider our responses before reacting .. you know .. ‘outside of the heat of the moment’ ..  we have to decide that no matter what’s  going on around us .. we are not going to let it change what’s inside of us ..  for friends .. simply put .. when we overreact to what others do .. we are living outside of what God wants for us .. so today we get up .. get out .. and .. we start a “proactive thinking” plan .. remembering .. He loves us so much and He has a purpose for everything that happens .. we can trust this  .. no matter how hard a ‘pitch’ life throws .. our reaction should always be out of love .. for He is Love .. and  .. that my friends .. is where the power flows  .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period.

“You intended to harm me …  but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done ..  the saving of many lives ..”





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