When life isn’t flowing  just like we’d like it ..  and .. we aren’t truly trusting God ..  it becomes very easy to try and take the wheel from Him .. haha .. to boss Him around .. and .. to try and force Him to do things our way .. oh but this .. will only land us in an emotional and spiritual ditch .. we need Him to drive ..  for .. when we let Him drive our lives and we trust that He knows best .. we are able to rest and ‘cease striving’  ..  for you see ..  we  can’t hold the steering wheel and let Him drive at the same time .. not  if we want to experience the peace that comes from trust .. nope .. we have to let go of the wheel .. for when we trust and actually let Him drive .. there comes this natural rest .. followed by .. pure contentment rather than emotional and spiritual fatigue .. He made us to lean on Him .. to let Him take the wheel .. it’s when we allow Him to do so .. we become overwhelmed with peace and contentment .. we have the confidence .. to know .. that we know .. that we know .. we are exactly where we need to be .. doing what we need to do .. while fulfilling the role in which He created for us .. oh yes .. usher in that deep contentment ..  for .. as we drive along our journey in life .. we find that confidence in His love is always coupled with trust .. again .. this means letting Him in the right seat  .. because friends .. when love and trust are combined .. they are a like a match to faith .. setting our confidence on fire so that you can ride anywhere that He is taking us .. simply ..  without fear .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period


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