Cinco de Mayo ..  a day to celebrate the Latino heritage and culture ..  yes .. today will bring the usual celebratory fare which will include .. nachos .. salsa .. chips .. guacamole .. and .. enchiladas ..  haha .. all washed down by either a Corona or maybe a nice frozen Margarita ..  today commemorates .. the surprise victory of the Mexican army over the French in 1862 in the state of Puebla .. while .. we in the States celebrate today more than they do in Mexico .. it is a great opportunity for us to honor their heritage  .. for simply .. one of our biggest blessings and challenges in our country is its great diversity .. that diversity is spread across faith traditions .. ethnicities ..  sexual orientation .. income .. abilities .. and .. yes .. class .. yet .. as Believers .. we simply know that ALL are precious in God’s sight … just like we sang growing up ..

“Jesus loves the little children ..  all the children of the world .. red and yellow .. black or white .. we are precious in His sight .. Jesus loves the little children of the world” 

Yes .. it’s wisdom and maturity  that are trademarks for us who embrace and appreciate that which is different from ourselves .. being confident of our spiritual worth .. simply allows us  .. to honor difference in others without being afraid  .. in other words ..  ‘honoring you ..  will not diminish me’ ..  we believe when we honor others and their gifts .. we are  empowered to use our God-given gifts to benefit all His people .. so .. in our effort to all get along ..  let us make tolerance the first baby step that will lead to acceptance .. tolerance of that which is different is a far cry from celebrating our diversity ..  as we celebrate today we can simply see .. ethnic difference is not threatening ..  for .. in our lives .. that which seems overwhelming and impossible ..  IS POSSIBLE .. with God .. broken relationships can be healed ..  racial divides can be bridged .. and .. illnesses can be cured .. for whenever He does the impossible ..  it is always time to celebrate .. so we start today with Cinco de Mayo .. and .. we keep that party spirit going .. celebrating family  .. friends .. and .. freedom .. staying grateful for our common ground as well as our differences .. while always staying mindful of the simple fact .. we are ALL wonderfully created in His every image ..  oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

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