Friends .. no matter what our circumstances may be .. haha .. a simple change of attitude can make them ..  oh yes .. so much better .. that’s right .. when we learn to make the best of  a situation .. in turn .. it helps us to cope with those difficulties we’re going to face .. in this life we live ..  haha .. and yes ..  it also helps us .. to make more of opportunities that come our way  .. haha  .. it’s like a sailor taking advantage of the wind whichever way it blows .. haha .. for the truth is ..  our lives are moved in positive directions .. when we choose to make the best of whatever comes our way . . haha ..  simple truth .. so .. we don’t get discouraged .. no way .. for simply .. we look for ways to turn a less than perfect situation .. into the right situation .. haha .. yes .. instead of complaining .. we simply ask God to show us how to make things better .. bottom line .. we do our best .. and simply .. trust Him with the rest .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“A cheerful heart is good medicine .. but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”


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