Friends .. it’s important for us all to stay mindful to remember that our Character ..  haha ..  should always be stronger than our Circumstances .. oh I know .. we can’t always control what happens to us .. however .. we can certainly control how we choose to respond ..  for yes .. it’s in those moments when we choose to not react and begin giving thanks to God for the good in our life .. that yes .. those things that seem so bad .. well .. they start to seem much less significant .. so yes .. we choose to keep a positive attitude and a thankful heart regardless of what we’re going through .. for the truth is .. every difficulty whether big or small is something God will use to produce in us more strength .. more faith .. and yes .. more perseverance .. haha .. if we let Him .. for yes sweet friends .. it’s pretty darn simple .. all our pain has a purpose .. and yes .. His timing is perfect .. and yes .. His plans are almost always different from ours .. oh but  .. they are always spot on .. so yes .. in knowing this simple truth .. haha .. we must stay patience and wait on His timing instead of forcing our own .. for we can trust that at the very moment we look to Him .. He positions Himself by our side never leaving us nor forsaking us .. for yes .. He loves us big and His love will always and forever carry us through .. so yes  .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Fear not .. for I am with you .. be not dismayed .. for I am your God .. I will strengthen you .. I will help you .. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”



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