I did something for my son this week .. that my mom used to do for me .. every single time I didn’t feel good .. haha .. I made him a pot of chicken noodle soup .. you know .. the slow roasted chicken kind .. with the three C’s .. celery .. carrots .. and .. cabbage .. stirred up with love .. then .. finished off with some old fashion wide egg noodles .. so good .. the whole time I was making it .. I thought of her .. I thought of the many times during my life .. she brought me soup .. yes .. when I was sick .. heartbroken .. or .. just plain flustered by life .. here she’d come .. pot of soup in hand .. and .. always always .. a listening ear .. I miss my mom .. I don’t talk about it often .. but .. I think about her a lot .. as many of us do with our parents .. we have regrets .. oh .. the things we wish we would’ve said .. but didn’t .. the times when we didn’t do as they wished we had .. and .. even the times .. when they didn’t do what we wished they had done .. haha .. friends .. the truth is .. we’re all born to die .. nothing we can do about that .. but .. while we’re here .. we have a job to do .. we are to love each other .. as Jesus loves .. we know the old saying .. “we may be the only Jesus people see” .. it’s so true .. for .. my mom .. she loved me .. just like Him .. she never turned her back on me .. just like Him .. she would do anything to save me .. just like Him .. she was His face to me .. many times in my life .. when I was lost .. confused .. and .. not sure which way to go .. she’d bring me back around .. or .. be there ..patiently waiting .. til I figured it out on my own .. haha .. just like Him .. now .. to this day .. when I think of her .. I think of His love .. and .. I think of that chicken noodle soup .. pure comfort .. right down to the very pit of my stomach .. just like He makes me feel .. haha .. yes .. I miss my mom .. but friends .. it’s through Him .. that we can feel the love of those gone before us .. and that .. sweet friends .. will never ever be lost .. so .. come on now .. let’s do this .. let’s spread some love today .. just like Him .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“She opens her mouth with wisdom .. and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue .. she looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness”

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