Friends .. as I sit here in the quietness of this beautiful Christmas morning .. my heart is full .. the heaviness I felt even yesterday .. haha .. is gone .. for yes .. today we celebrate the birth of our Savior .. Jesus Christ .. and yes .. with His birth comes joy and peace for us all .. yet friends .. there are people around us who are feeling hopeless .. weary .. and .. all alone .. that’s right .. during this time when hearts are overflowing with love and giving .. there are people we know .. that find this time .. a time of pain and sadness .. for the troubles of this world can overwhelm even the strongest Believer .. haha .. for it’s true .. the joy of His birth can get lost among the commercialism of the season .. which is sad .. for God Himself .. sent His one and only Son to this earth .. simply to bring .. light and love to our lost souls .. haha .. yes .. He sent Jesus to walk with us .. to give us His strength to overcome our problems .. He was sent to give us an abundant life that lacks no good thing .. His birth brought us a promise that can never be taken away .. for yes .. it’s the promise that .. those who believe in Him will have a life with purpose .. and yes yes yes .. haha .. a reward that will never end .. for the truth is .. pain and struggles .. they can never destroy those who have been set free through His Love .. for He alone can open doors to our impossible situations .. and yes .. cause all things to be used for our good .. trust me .. I know .. for yes sweet friends .. through Him we’re more than conquerors .. and no .. our failures do not stop His love .. our troubles can never bother His perfect plan for our lives .. for yes! .. His birth signifies a pledge to bring us peace .. no matter what we’re going through .. think about it .. He willingly came to us .. knowing that we’d reject Him .. yet He came anyway .. so .. if we find the joy of this season is overcome by heartache or struggles that cause us pain .. we must stay mindful of .. the fact of all facts .. haha .. the hope He brings and the peace He promised .. is totally sufficient to meet any need .. and yes sweet friends .. His power is strong enough to safely take us through all circumstances .. while giving us great joy .. even in the midst of the struggle .. haha .. for yes .. He’s faithful to make a way .. even when the road is closed .. trust me .. I know .. He’ll never leave us to carry any burden alone .. and yes .. it’s Christmas Day .. and yes yes yes .. we’ve been given the greatest gift we’ll ever need .. take heart dear friends .. Christ our Savior is born .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“For to us a child is born .. to us a Son is given .. and the government will be on His shoulders .. and He will be called Wonderful Counselor .. Mighty God .. Everlasting Father .. Prince of Peace”

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