During the few days we’ve been gone .. we’ve spent a lot of time talking with people .. I love people .. I love to watch them .. and yes .. I love to listen to them .. haha .. which leads me to the true understanding of how fortunate we all are .. that’s right .. we’re so fortunate .. that God Himself .. has taken the time to give each one of us .. so many awesome gifts .. haha .. and yes .. if we’re not careful .. we’ll simply miss out on some of them .. haha .. especially when it comes to our fellowship with one another .. for most of us tend to forget .. that that .. in itself .. is a gift .. haha .. that’s right .. His Word tells us so .. for “as iron sharpens iron .. so one man sharpens another” .. haha .. simply meaning .. when we visit with each other .. we become stronger and better .. that’s right .. and .. as we become stronger and better .. we simply become .. more and more stable in Him .. for yes sweet friends .. He knows we need fellowship to be strong as a Believer .. so .. when we spend time with each other .. sharing His big love .. sharing our ups and our downs .. while .. encouraging each other to keep running the race .. we’ll simply find .. He is pleased .. and friends .. it’s then .. we’ll simply find .. haha .. we have turned His gift .. right back around .. ahh yes .. gotta love being loved .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“That is .. that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith .. both yours and mine”

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