Friends .. we’ve all been through it .. there’s not a single one of us that has had the best life ever .. even those we see that we think have had a “walk in the park” in this life .. haha .. they haven’t .. for yes .. they have stuff too .. and yes .. most all of us can recall a situation from our past that may make us wonder how in the world .. haha .. a God of love could allow such a painful and wrong injustice .. yet .. could bet on the fact that we’ve just not made that “full circle” that we’ve made time and time again .. for the truth is .. everything we go through brings us closer to God .. and yes .. as we grow closer .. we find ourselves depending on Him more and more as the days and years go by .. and before we know it .. those old hurts and scars .. haha .. they seem to come back around in a different way .. in a whole new light .. for now .. we can see them differently .. you know .. for just what they are .. haha .. for yes .. we’ve made that “full circle” again .. and friends .. it’s a wonderful feeling when His love and grace touches our very souls .. and yes in turn .. we’re able to extend that same love and grace to one another .. haha .. and yes .. as I’ve said before .. Lord knows .. I’ve been shown so much grace in my life that I can’t ever not show it to someone else .. so .. trust me when I say .. He works right in the midst of any and all confusion that we make .. for yes .. He simply parks Himself in the center of the troubles of our heart .. and no .. just because we can’t physically see Him doesn’t mean He isn’t there .. for friends .. He’s here .. and yes .. He truly cares about our total well being .. and yes without a doubt .. haha .. our total well being truly depends upon Him .. for yes .. God is love .. and yes .. always and forever .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved .. a worker who has no need to be ashamed .. rightly handling the word of truth”

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