As I’ve been cleaning out closets and clutter this week in an attempt to minimize my life .. I’ve run across many memories from the past .. this particular picture of me and my mom has me thinking of when my picking up and cleaning up in life first started .. as I look into her eyes I can hear her telling me to go pick up my room .. and .. with my big girl pants on and wanting to please her .. I would march right into the room .. only to find myself distracted by a toy or a book .. haha .. you know .. the ones I was actually suppose to be putting away neatly .. oh .. but soon .. mom would walk in and gently remind me as to what I was suppose to be doing .. and .. then give me 5 minutes to get it done .. haha .. well .. you know how that goes .. being unable to effectively make that happen .. I would proceed to hide everything I didn’t know what to do with in the closet .. and then wait for her to come in .. hoping that she wouldn’t open that door .. oh goodness .. I remember this so clearly .. so .. with this thought .. and .. this memory .. I can’t help but think about what many of us do with our lives .. we clean up the outside .. hoping no one will look in our .. “closet” .. where we have hidden our many sins and shortcomings .. oh yes .. by simply rationalizing .. making excuses .. and .. blaming others for our own faults .. we all do it .. however .. the problem here .. while looking good on the outside .. we remain well aware of our mess on the inside .. but friends .. this inside mess .. it can be cleaned up in a minute .. all we have to do is reach out to God .. ask Him .. then .. allow Him .. to clean us up .. leaving .. no more mess to be found .. for .. He’ll do it .. every single time .. which in turn .. gives us the boldness and ability to walk in full integrity .. after all .. we might as well .. “own up” .. haha .. we can’t hide anything from Him anyway … oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Search me .. O God .. and know my heart .. try me .. and know my anxieties .. and see if there is any wicked way in me .. and lead me in the way everlasting”