Here we are friends .. haha .. the last day of the year of twenty sixteen .. and yes .. what a year it’s been for many of us .. personally I’ve spent this year .. haha .. cleaning and straightening out the closets of my life .. for simply .. haha .. just like those closets in our home .. our lives are constantly in need of a good deep clean .. haha .. you know .. the simple discarding of unwanted items while completely rearranging and straightening out what is left .. for yes sweet friends .. in our closets of life .. there’s always a few undesirable items that simply.. and yes .. plainly need to be gotten rid of .. those ugly things like gossip .. complaining .. bitterness .. worry .. pride .. and yes .. total impatience .. haha .. that we’ve grown so accustomed to carrying for most of our days .. and yes .. we’ll likely find these items .. crammed back into the corners .. hiding in the dark .. waiting to rear their ugliness .. just when we least expect it .. haha .. oh but friends.. what we need to stay mindful of .. is simply .. our closets .. they don’t straighten out or clean themselves .. nor do our lives .. haha .. not by our own power that is .. no way .. for simply .. to bring about a permanent change of heart .. we need more power than our tired human selves can muster up .. haha .. for the truth is .. it’s when we open the door to our heart closet .. and yes .. allow God’s “life changing power” to enter in .. moment by moment and step by step .. He’ll begin a good work in us .. that old excess baggage is thrown out .. discipline is applied .. and yes .. our priorities are totally rearranged .. for yes .. haha .. it’s true .. and yes again .. what we need to remember .. is simply .. in some of these areas .. He’ll work quickly .. while in others .. haha .. it may be painfully slow .. but friends .. what we can .. and yes .. one hundred percent trust .. His timing .. it’s always perfect .. so yes .. tonight .. as Bob and I have done on New Years Eve for the last 16 plus years .. we’ll have an early dinner at Borago .. we’ll celebrate the lessons of old .. while yes .. looking forward to the lessons of new .. for tomorrow .. each one of us will get up .. we’ll begin to move forward with a whole new sense of being .. and yes .. we’ll do this with the closet doors to our heart wide open .. allowing Him to exercise His power .. haha .. tenderly cleaning and straightening out our lives .. like only He can do ..for yes yes yes .. we trust in Him with everything within us .. for we know that we know that we know .. He is love .. and yes .. it’s through His very love .. haha .. our melody will continue into twenty seventeen .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Therefore .. if anyone is in Christ .. the new creation has come .. the old has gone .. the new is here!”


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