Friends .. clear communication is so very important as we travel through life .. for yes .. it’s key to owning our own power .. the truth is .. we should never have to beat around the bush .. we should always speak clearly .. directly .. and yes .. assertively while never trying to control the actions of others with our words .. for yes ..  guilt producing comments only produce guilt .. and no ..  hinting at what we need doesn’t work simply because other people can’t read our minds and most likely will resent our indirectness .. so yes .. because God has given us all minds to use wisely .. communication is very important ..  and yes .. when we find we’re trying to be controlled through conversation we must refuse to participate .. when we feel angry or disappointed we must acknowledge those feelings directly .. when we don’t know what to say .. yes .. we can say that too .. no sweet friends .. we don’t have to listen to or participate in nonsense .. for yes ..  we can say what we want and stop when we’re done .. while all the while .. being as gentle and tactful as possible .. for yes .. we’re all created in the image of love Himself .. and yes ..  haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Let your speech always be gracious .. seasoned with salt .. so that you may know how you ought to answer each person”


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