Friends .. I often talk about digging down deep within .. you know .. haha .. way on down to the ..” inner core ” .. and to get there .. we can’t just peel off the outside .. no.. we have to get down to the seed .. haha .. to the very pit .. for you see .. it’s when we dig past all the fleshy stuff .. you know .. those hard life relationships and circumstances we’ve been through .. haha .. that yes .. it’s then we find .. that seed .. that’s right .. hidden way down deep .. and friends .. our future .. it’s in that seed .. so daily .. we dig .. we can never let those hard memories and life situations get in our way .. no .. for we must stop allowing our past to manipulate us .. and yes .. controlling us .. for now .. we’re moving forward .. with yes yes yes .. a totally renewed mindset .. while simply listening .. to our inner longings .. and yes .. our own instincts .. for that sweet friends .. is where we’ll find .. just where we’re most effective .. so .. with God as our ultimate guide .. we peel away .. and as we peel .. haha .. He’ll show us secrets .. talents .. and yes .. glorious gifts .. that we haven’t even touched .. haha .. bottom line .. we let our seed grow .. we allow it to transform us from what we were .. to who we were created to be .. we embrace the change .. haha .. while looking our fears in the face .. with His boldness .. which in turn .. simply allows .. the transformation to take its perfect shape .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“So we do not lose heart .. though our outer self is wasting away .. our inner self is being renewed day by day”

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