We’ve all been brokenhearted .. for friends .. in this life we live .. heartbreak happens .. and yes .. it happens a lot .. and yes .. it hurts .. it hurts a lot .. we’ve all been there .. and .. we’ll probably all face it again before we leave this earth .. it’s just plain awful .. it leaves a lump in our throat .. and .. a sick feeling in our stomach .. our mind spins and spins .. while constantly .. going back to the hurt .. the numbness and horrible feeling that nothing matters .. and .. that things will never feel the same again .. haha .. yes .. that feeling of being alone .. with no one else truly understanding where we’re at .. or .. how we’re feeling .. for .. it’s bad .. and .. it’s hurts like no other hurt we’ve ever encountered .. it happens in different ways .. our heart may be broken under blows we are currently suffering from .. or .. our heart may be broken over the weight of past memories .. memories that go back as far as we can remember .. things .. we just haven’t come to the point to be able to deal with .. things that have left us crushed with guilt and regret .. oh but friends .. I’m here to tell you .. God .. He heals the brokenhearted .. He’s close to us .. and .. He saves us .. for .. it’s when our heart hurt so bad .. and .. our spirits are crushed to the point we feel we can’t even breath .. it’s then .. we’ll find .. IF .. we reach out to Him .. our healing process will begin .. and friends .. we’ll then see .. before we know it .. He’s using us to bring healing to others .. for .. the truth is .. once He begins the healing process in us .. we begin to look beyond ourselves .. to the needs of others .. for they too .. need a sturdy story .. and .. it’s then .. we can share our faith .. for they too .. need promising possibilities .. and .. we can share our hope .. for they too .. need renewed relationships .. and .. we can share His love .. haha .. for it’s sooo very big .. yes friends .. heartache .. it’s the real deal ..and .. whether it’s losing our best “human friend” or our best “pet pal” .. it hurts beyond measure .. but .. we have the advantage .. for .. we can simply trust .. through .. faith .. hope .. and .. love .. we’ll find His perfect medicine for our shattered soul .. bottom line .. we face our grief .. we feel it .. we work it .. and .. we move through it with the full anticipation of knowing .. that someone else will need our story .. to get to where .. they can share .. their very own .. moving down the line .. people helping people .. just the way He made us .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“Blessed are those who mourn .. for they shall be comforted”




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