Friends .. I find myself constantly amazed at the way God works .. I love that He brings things full circle .. Lord knows .. we all need to close those gaps of hurt we carry so triumphantly .. haha .. for the truth is .. we’ve all been hurt .. and yes .. we’ve all hurt others .. whether meaning to or not .. we do it .. haha .. and yes .. it absolutely forms resentment in our life .. it gets in our soul and raises it’s ugly head once in a while .. simply to remind us .. that yes .. it’s still alive .. haha .. the enemy is crafty in the way he works .. for now .. he has control .. oh but friends .. what we must remember .. that resentment we’re carrying .. it’s our choice as to whether we want to continue to hold on to it .. or not .. that’s right .. it’s our choice to refuse to forgive .. haha .. it’s our unwillingness to let bygones be bygones .. for yes .. we all tend to cling to that fruitless need to be right .. which totally overrides our ability to be at peace .. for we simply .. don’t really know the way to come to grips with those painful feelings of hurt .. as well as .. the rejection and abandonment we so heavily carry along with it .. haha .. so .. in knowing this truth .. we must approach resentment as the addictive state of mind that it is .. forgiving when we can .. and yes .. practicing willful and deliberate “forgetfulness “.. when we cannot .. keeping in mind that this act .. is simply .. a gift to ourselves .. haha .. a gift that allows Him .. to bring us full circle in the way that only He can do .. and yes yes yes .. that makes for a grateful heart .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“The wind blows to the south and turns to the north .. round and round it goes .. ever returning on its course”

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