“Agape” love .. aka ..”selfless” love .. most often expresses itself as .. a flow of compassion ..  and friends .. compassion .. is like a river .. it’s that gentle stream of tenderness and concern for someone else’s need ..  this very same kind of love .. compelled Jesus to feed the hungry .. comfort the sorrowing .. heal the sick .. teach the multitude ..  and .. raise the dead ..  oh yes ..  most all of us have experienced this flow of love toward someone at some point in our lives .. for me .. there have been times .. when washing dishes .. driving .. or .. even working .. that out of nowhere .. I had an impulse to do something loving for a specific person ..  so I did ..  which meant ..  I simply loved by faith .. and yes .. we can all do this .. you see .. it’s when we love by faith .. we are able to follow that flow .. for that flow ..  is His compassion streaming toward the one in need ..  and when we begin to understand that tug of war within .. we know .. without a doubt ..  He is filling us with His compassion .. and .. not only that .. He has chosen us to minister to that person .. and .. the even more .. awesome part ..  we don’t have to worry about how we’re going to do it  .. for simply ..  when He leads us to where we’re suppose to be .. He will enable us to do what He has led us to do .. make no mistake about that  sweet friends .. for .. that’s  a fact .. that’s right .. oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period.

“Rivers of living water shall flow from the inmost being of anyone who believes in me”



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