Friends .. we’re all faced with that “something” in our lives that we must deal with .. and yes .. there are times when God takes the circumstances away .. and yes .. times when He takes the trial .. the difficulty and the temptation .. and yes .. removes it completely .. however .. there are times when rather than taking it away .. haha .. He proportions the difficulty to our strength .. He gives us the strength in proportion to the trial .. so yes .. He actually reverses the process .. giving us what we need to endure the difficulty .. and yes .. that’s going to make a change of heart .. for yes .. sometimes circumstances change while at other times .. our perspective on the trial changes .. for the truth is .. life is change and growth is optional .. and yes .. we must choose wisely .. for we know that we know that we know .. in the end .. always and forever .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Rejoice in hope .. be patient in tribulation .. be constant in prayer”



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