Friends .. God’s desire for our lives is to live with a deep contentment in our hearts .. and yes .. the only way to experience this is to embrace His plan that He has for each of us .. and no .. we can’t try to be who or what we aren’t .. for no .. haha .. it just doesn’t work ..  the truth is .. when we try to live out someone else’s destiny .. we end up ill content .. and yes .. totally dissatisfied .. oh but friends .. it’s when we keep our eyes focused on Him that we simply learn .. His way for us .. it’s the perfect way .. and yes .. it’s then our lives begin to change .. and yes .. we’re truly able to walk in real love and total contentment .. therefore confirmation of our matra .. that yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Let no debt remain outstanding .. except the continuing debt to love one another .. for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law”


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