I’m a cry baby .. haha .. I always have been .. I cry at commercials .. I cry when I see someone doing something nice .. heck .. I cry watching the Voice .. haha .. when I watch those kids .. I always think about their parents .. and .. just how proud they must feel to see their child in the spotlight following their dreams .. haha .. yes .. I’m a cry baby .. no doubt about it .. I cry thinking about my mom and my brother .. and simply .. how much I miss them .. I cry over things I’ve done that have caused hurt .. whether to someone else .. or even to myself .. for the truth is .. we all have those times .. when we just need a good cry .. haha .. for friends .. these tears we shed .. they ebb and they flow throughout our lives .. while all the while .. God is steady collecting them .. haha .. just sitting here thinking about how He keeps tracks of them .. makes me tear up again .. oh but this time .. with pure joy .. for friends .. He’s loves us so much that He personally wants us to know .. He’s actually keeping track of every tear we shed .. haha .. I know .. it sounds crazy .. but .. it’s true .. for .. He knew we would cry .. and .. He knew .. sometimes .. we simply .. wouldn’t be able to explain the why .. haha .. but yet .. He sees and He knows .. and yes .. even though each of our bottles may be different sizes .. He holds on faithfully to each and everyone or them .. and no .. we may not ever be able to figure out why we cry over simple things .. but .. what we do know .. is simply .. one day our Tear Collector will wipe away every tear we shed with His mighty hand .. and friends .. until then .. we can simply know .. and yes .. simply trust .. He sees our hurts .. He feels our pain .. and yes .. He loves us big .. for simply .. He’s our Healer for any and all brokenness that we’ll ever experience in our lifetime .. bottom line .. He is Love .. and .. as we all know .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“You keep track of all my sorrows .. You have collected all my tears in Your bottle .. You have recorded each one in Your book”

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